Thirty-three years ago, a young French jeweler landed in New York with three wedding rings in his pocket that would change the face of the bridal market. The then patented "bar" setting, later trademarked as Gemlok, was an innovative setting technique. It not only afforded an original, elegant new look, but also a "technically" more secure and snag-proof way of setting diamonds and precious stones. As a matter of fact, the Gemlok setting made such an impact on the wedding ring market that many tried to copy the technique and look (but never with any real success). The secret of the Gemlok technique remains with its originator, Jean Vitau. With the nationwide success of the Gemlok wedding bands, Jean and his wife, Irene Vitau, expanded the Gemlok collection to include a complete line of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in 18 karat yellow gold and platinum set with high quality diamonds and vibrant color gemstones. Having established himself as a major force in the wedding band market, Jean Vitau decided to create the Jean Vitau Collection, a more fashion oriented line. Inspired by the vibrant beauty of nature, rendered in the most vividly hued precious jewels, Jean Vitau Creations are the ultimate merging of creativity, the artist's palette and the master jeweler's art. Not only is the intrinsic beauty of each Gemlok and Jean Vitau Creations piece to be treasured, each is created and manufactured at their offices and workshop in Manhattan. Each precious stone used is painstakingly selected and color matched to create pieces of infinite splendor. Jean Vitau Creations, often imitated, never duplicated. The owners of Jean Vitau Creations know that they are wearing tomorrow's classics today and forever. Visit Gemlok